About Us

Ayhan Özden
DOSTLAR GIDA company was founded in 2009 by Mr. Ayhan Özden. This company, which for many years in the market of confectionery production offers consumers high-quality products, an affordable price, without being reflected on its quality. 

Given the long-term experience in the production of import and export company makes  confident steps to moving forward .
Products brand KALBEN, entering into  the consumer market is accompanied by a certificate of quality
ISO 9001 -ISO 22000 -HACCP.

Our vision

Producing, importing and exporting high-quality products, to withdraw KALBEN brand on the international market.

Our mission

By providing work-places, to help the country to reduce unemployment. With a clear conscience to serve the customer with a  quality products.
Exports, which are produced in abundance in our country, as well as to participate in the replenishment of the budget.

Importing little-produced or not-produced in the country of production, creating competition on the sales-market, affect  the price reduction